Fireman’s Softball Tournament – September 16th

Fireman’s Softball Tournament to benefit the Historic Deltaville Ball Park

The department of Deltaville, Waterview, Urbanna & Hartfield will compete in the Fireman’s Soft Ball Tournament at The Deltavlle Historic Ball Park on September 16, 2017 starting at 6:00 pm. with the schedule as follows:

6:00 p.m. Deltaville vs Urbanna
7:30 p.m. Hartfield vs Waterview

9:00 p.m. Championship Game Winner 6:00 p.m. game  vs Winner 7:30 p.m. game

Tickets price will be $5.00 for adults and free for children 12 & under.

50/50 raffles



Fishing Reports

Latest Fishing Reports & Regulation Updates

September, 27th, 2017

Nice Spot are being caught near Mooring Buoy near the Rappahannock River Bridge. Bait of Choice has been blood worms. Also some 8-10 inch spot are being caught between the Rappahannock River Bridge and Carters Creek.

Some Speckled Trout at various locations on the Rappahannock River using soft baits in shallow waters.

Rockfish Season opens on October 4th.  Be sure to drop into the Tackle Shop @ J&W Seafood where we have in stock all of your Rockfish fishing gear from Stretches, Storm Lures, Umbrella Rigs, Swim Shads and much more.

September 15th, 2017

Spot fishing is excellent in the Lower Rapp from Carters Creek all the way to the mouth of the Rappahannock.  Catch is ranging from 8 – 10.5 inches.  Bait of choice is blood worms.  A few Speckled Trout and Red Drum are in shallow waters, both are responding to mirror lures and soft baits.   Cobia season ends today.  Congratulations to all the anglers out there that were successful this Cobia Season.

September 7th, 2017

Spot fishing has picked up nicely with 8 -9 inch spot being caught in the Rappahannock and at the mouth of the Rappahannock.  The bait of choice has been bloodworms and FishBites.

Cobia fish catch is small.  Remember the Cobia Season ends September, 15th.

A few speckled trout in the Piankatank and off the creeks at Fleets Bay in shallow waters.

Striped Bass season start on October 4th. 2017

August 24th, 2017

Several Flounder being caught in the area of Buoy 42 and the Cell.  Trolling seems to be the best method with 24 – 30 oz sinkers using squid and minnows for bait.

Spot bite is improving with large fish showing up on bloodworms and Fishbites.

Spanish Mackerel slowing up but some fish are still being caught in the mouth of the Piankatank River.

Spade fish bite is still on at the Cell. A lot of small fish with big fish mixed in.

Cobia bite has slowed some at Windmill Bar.  Some fish still being caught with a lot of shorts.

August 10, 2017

Cobia still being caught off Windmill Bar, number of shorts but several larger and some citations still being caught.  Cobia being caught on live eels and cut bunker while chumming.

Spanish Mackerel still biting Clarke Spoons and Drones behind #1 Planars and in-line sinkers in the area from Windmill Point to Buoy 41-A.

The Spade Fish bite is still on at the Cell, a lot of small fish with big fish mixed in.   Wolftrap bite is good but mostly small fish.

The charter boat fleet has a good week of bottom fishing. The size of the Spot continues to improve, big #2’s being caught regularly, some Croaker and Mullet mixed in.

August 4, 2017

The Spot bite continues to improve with some Croaker & Mullett mixed in while biting on bloodworms.  Spanish Mackerel bite still strong on Clark Spoons & Drone Spoons.  Large Spade Fish being caught at the Cell.  Some Spade Fish being caught at the Wolftrap but smaller.  Flounder bite picking up a bit at Buoy 42.  Cobia bite a Windmill Bar still on but seems to be slowing up.

July 20, 2017

Spot Fishing in the Rappahannock around the mooring buoy and the drop around the mouth of Carters Creek.  Spots are #2, not catching #1 Spot, hoping to see the Yellow Bellies by September.   Croaker and a few Mullett mixed in.

Spanish Mackerel – the bite has improved.  A lot of 20 inch and better fish have been boated between the mouth of the Piankatank and Buoy 41A.

The Cobia bite has improved with bigger fish.  Chumming & Live Eels has been the most successful method with a fish finder rig.

Speckled Trout in shallow water are still highly targeted.   Some small fish are being caught around docks and grass beds and other have managed to catch bigger fish.

July 13, 2017

Cobia fishing is still abundant in the bay and we are still seeing daily consistent catch at Windmill Point Bar.   Live Eels and chum seems to be the bait setup and that is working for most anglers.   On calmer days sight casters are having success.

Anglers have reported that Spanish Mackerel at the mouth of the Rappahannock, Windmill Point and at the Cut Channel.

Spade Fish are being harvested at the Cell, anglers reporting success with Clams.

Spot are still doing well in the Rappahannock and at the mouth of the Piankatank River. Bloodworms are the bait of choice for Spot.

June 30, 2017

Spot, Croaker and .re being caught in the Rappahannock on Bloodworms & Squid.  In addition we have reports of Bluefish being caught on cut-bait.  Cobia are still striking on live eels while chumming and site casting.   Steady catch coming in off Windmill Bar.   Spanish Mackerel are still being brought in by anglers while using Clark Spoons behind #1 or #2 planers.  Looking for Spanish Mackerel from Windmill Point Light to Stingray Point LIght.  Spadefish still being caught at the cell on clam bait.

Good Luck to everyone.

Make sure you visit our Facebook Page & Instagram Page for pictures of local catch and our fishing reports.  Be sure to email us your fish photos while on the water with details to

June 21, 2017

With increasing warmer temps Cobia fishing continues to be excellent inside the bay.  With the winds slowing down this week, look to Windmill Bar for Cobia that are being brought in with live eels and chumming.  Site Casters continue to have success with Cobia.

Spanish Mackerel are here!  We have several anglers report on the Catch of Spanish Mackerel  around Windmill Bar, Fleets Bay  and the mouth of the Rappahannock.  Spanish Mackerel are hitting on Clark Spoons and Drone Spoons.

Spade fish are being caught at the Cell.  Multiple Reports of Spade fish harvested while clam chumming and clams on #2 or #4 hook.

Good Luck to everyone.

Make sure you visit our Facebook Page & Instagram Page for pictures of local catch and our fishing reports.  Be sure to email us your fish photos while on the water with details to

June 13, 2017

Cobia fishing is still wide open.  Anglers are reporting Cobia catch of all size a few keepers meeting the 42 inch requirement.   Cobia still seem to be chasing eels – setup with a chum line.

Spot are starting to bite while bottom fishing with bloodworms.  Good action has been reported off of Gwynn’s Island @ Deep Rock and at the Rappahannock River Bridge & Carters Creek (White Stone Side)

We had anglers still report on speckled trout catch.   Reports from shallow waters in the Piankatank River & Mobjack Bay.  Look for grassy areas in shallow waters while using soft baits and mirror lures.

Make sure you visit our Facebook Page & Instagram Page for pictures of local catch and our fishing reports.  Be sure to email us your fish photos while on the water with details to

June 5th, 2017

Cobia Season opened in full swing on June 1st.  We have at least 2 citation weigh-ins since opening day and the catch seems to be increasing daily.   We have reports of Cobia being caught from Windmill Bar  to York Spit Light.   The Cobia are responding well to live eels & chum and we have had several anglers have success with sight casting while using bucktails.   Croaker are still biting on bloodworms on the bottom, we have had reports of consistent Croaker catch ranging from 10 – 12 inches in the Rappahannock & the Number 3 Spot.  We have had reports of Sheepshead being caught on wrecks and structure.   Speckled Trout continue to be caught on shallow waters in the Piankatank River & Mobjack Bay.  Look for grassy areas in shallow waters while using soft baits and mirror lures.   Make sure you visit our Facebook Page & Instagram Page for pictures of local catch and our fishing reports.  Be sure to email us your fish photos while on the water with details to



May 30th, 2017

Croaker up to 11-12 inches being caught in the Rappahannock @ the number 3 spot.  Croaker are responding well to bloodworms.   A few Speckled Trout are being harvested in shallow waters in the Piankatank River Mobjack Bay.  Speckled Trout are responding well to soft baits and mirror lures.   Season for Cobia opens on Thursday June 1st and they are here now!  Live eels and chum are great for attracting and catching Cobia. Stop by The Tackle Shop @ J&W Seafood for all your bait and tackle needs.  Happy Angling


December 2nd, 2016

Rockfish up to 37 inches being caught east of Windmill Point in the Dumping Ground and as far up to North 59A.   Anglers are reporting these fish are caught while trolling with Bucktails and Hyper Striper.  Big Rockfish being caught eeling from Buoy36 all the way to Cape Charles.

November 16th, 2016

Water temperature is cooling down in the Rappahannock and the Chesapeake Bay.   Lots of schooly rockfish – some 30 inch class rockfish being  caught on the Rappahannock River below the bridge.  The most popular bait is the quarter ounce bucktail.  Also Hyper Strippers and Small Sliver spoons are yielding results for Rockfish catch.   The larger Rockfish seem to be at the bottom.

July 28th, 2016

Cobia catch is still coming in.  Windmill Bar is still producing nice size Cobia that are being taken on live eels while chumming.   Remember the Cobia season will come to a close after August 30th, 2016.  Speckled Trout have picked up in shallow waters and are responding well to soft baits. Spanish Mackerel are wide open & are being taken on Clarke Spoons and #1 Planners.  Gwynns Island and Buoy 59a have been good fishing spots for Spanish Mackerel.  Reports of Spade fish still being taken at the Cell.

July 7th, 2016

Cobia fishing is still strong on Windmill Bar.  The July 4th weekend yielded many Cobia weigh-ins with most exceeding 50 lbs.  We had several citations.  Cobia are still responding well while chumming and using live eels.   Spade fishing has picked up on the cell.  We have some fishing excursions with yields of 8 or more spade fish in an outing.   Frozen Clams with Clam Chum are the bait of choice for Spade fishing.  Croaker are still being caught while bottom fishing in the Bay and the Rappahannock.  Croaker are responding well to bloodworms, frozen bait shrimp and cut squid.    Spanish Mackerel & small Blue Fish mixed are being caught near 2R & Gwynn’s Island.  Anglers have had great results while using Clark Spoons and #1 and #2 planers.


June 23rd, 2016

Cobia continue to do very well off Windmill Point on the Bar.  We have had many weigh-ins at the Tackleshop @ J&W Seafood with some Cobia exceeding 60lbs and most exceeding 40lbs.   Chumming along with live Ells has been the combination that these catches have been responding too. Spade fish are in good numbers at the Cell.  Clams and clam chum are the baits of choice.  We had a weigh-in of a 6 lb. – 5 oz. spade fish this week.  Croaker doing fair from the lower Rappahannock to the mouth of the river.  Squid, shrimp & bloodworms have achieved results.  Speckled Trout doing fair in shallow water.  Mirror lures and soft crabs are the baits of choice.

June 14th, 2016

As Cobia migrate to the bay to spawn so does the increase in catch.  We have seen Cobia weigh-in’s at the Tackle Shop @ J&W come in at 48.14 lbs, 54 lbs, and 37.4 lbs.  Anglers are reporting great results with chumming and using live eels.   There has been reports of great Cobia action on Windmill  Bar.

Some Speckled Trout being caught in creeks and in shallow water.   Several anglers are reporting catch on soft baits.   Better Croaker fishing has been reported in the Rappahannock River, in addition to the York River which has seen an increase in Croaker catch.   Croakers are responding well to bloodworms and cut squid.

Good reports of Spot, Croaker and Flounder have come in off the White Stone Bridge.

June 6th, 2016

Croaker catch has increased weekly and the catch size reports are coming in with some  Croakers consistently measuring from 12 -14 inches.  We have had anglers reporting Croaker action in deep water in the Rappahannock.  Croaker are biting on squid, shrimp and bloodworms.   Cobia bites are picking up on Windmill Bar and are increasing daily.  We have Cobia reports coming in up to 60lbs.  Wayne Carneal weighed in a 29.2 Cobia at the Tackle Shop @ J&W Seafood on June 4th, 2016.  The Cobia catch has seen great action while chumming and using live eels.  We have some reports of Black Sea Bass in the bay from bottom fishing.  Speckled Trout action is fair in shallow water around grass beds and structure.  Trout are reacting to some soft baits.

June 2nd, 2016

Reports of Croaker being caught – some in excess of 9 inches.  Activity reported off Narrow Edge near the entrance of Broad Creek in Deltaville.

May 29th, 2016

Croaker 10 – 11 Inch are biting good in the Rappahannock River.  Bait of choice are bloodworms, squid & shrimp.  Speckled Trout & Stripers are in shallow water around Windmill Point.  Zoom Baits are the anglers choice for these fish.  Cobia have arrived at Windmill Bar.  Best results in landing the Cobia are Chumming & Live Eels.  Tight lines everyone!

May 24th, 2016:

After a 4 ½ hour debate, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission voted today to not close the recreational cobia season in June, as requested by the National Marine Fisheries Service following unexpectedly high catch rates last year that likely indicates overfishing of the Georgia through New York stock of cobia. The Commission did raise the size limit from 37 to 40 inches, kept a one-fish per person possession limit, instituted a two-fish daily vessel limit, allowing only one of those fish to be more than 50 inches, for all vessels including for-hire (charter and head boats). The Commission also voted prohibited the gaffing of cobia by recreational anglers. In addition, the Commission decided to close the fishery on August 30 and will begin a reporting system for recreational anglers to report their cobia catches to the agency. The Commission had been requested by the National Marine Fisheries Service to close the recreational cobia fishery on June 20 because federal data showed the Georgia-New York allowable recreational catch of cobia was greatly exceeded in 2015 and Virginia alone caught the entire coastal quota.

For more detailed information on the new cobia regulation please go to

May 18th, 2016

Croaker catches from the mouth of the Rappahannock and into the bay are picking up daily. Bloodworm and squid are the baits of choice. Chesapeake Bay Spring season for Rockfish opened May 16th and will remain open until June 15th. The minimum size is 20 inches, maximum size is 28 inches, the possession limit is two per person. Always good to check VMRC Striped Bass regulations before keeping rockfish.  Rockfish catches being reported in the rivers mostly, but some have been reported from the bay bridge tunnel  Cobia catches reported at the mouth of the bay, and some anglers have been producing quick limits of quality sized fish. Cobia catches should continue to improve, new regulations may be implemented, always good to check in at VMRC website for updates on these as well. Flounder catches in the lower bay have been slow.


J&W Seafood obtains BRC Certification for Crab Processing

For Immediate Release:


May1st, 2017 – J&W Seafood Becomes the Only BRC Certified Crab Processor in Virginia

J&W Seafood is proud to announce the completion of a BRC Certification for fresh seafood processing in their Deltaville facility on the Chesapeake Bay. This makes J&W Seafood the one-and-only crab processor in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a GFSI/BRC Certification.

BRC Global Standards is the world’s biggest provider of safety and quality standards for food manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution. “Completing the BRC certification is yet another way our company is proving our commitment to our customers in providing the highest quality seafood products,” stated company president Kevin Wade.  The in depth BRC certification is a true testament to the initiatives our company has in place to ensure the highest quality seafood and our unweaving commitment to food safety standards, J&W Seafood has been a processor of Chesapeake Bay Crabs & Oysters since 1982 & sustain many other certifications such as: HACCP Certified, VDSS Certified (Virginia Department of Shellfish Sanitation), FDA Approved, along with 24 Hour Temperature Monitoring.

J&W Seafood is owned & operated by the Wade Family, who is very proud of their stellar reputation for processing consistent quality Chesapeake Bay Seafood. J&W brand products are distributed throughout the United States to some of the most reputable retail and foodservice companies in the country.

J&W Seafood
(804) 776-6400
16552 General Puller Hwy.
Deltaville, VA 23043



May 13th, 2017

Deltaville’s Fourth Annual Seafood  Festival celebrating life on the waterfront May 13, 2017.
Excited to announce the return of Tom Euler .
Come explore the following:  A wonderful group of seafood “mini-restaurants”and distinctive arts and crafts vendors and more in the village. Park and ride the Trolleysbetween the village and museum!
Rockwall climb if you dare!
Compete with Lip Sync Contest for great prizes.
  • Lots of delicious Seafood located at the Deltaville Village and the Deltaville Maritime Museum all day!
  • Raw Bar featuring National Oyster Shucking Champion Deborah Pratt and her sister Clementine Macon in the Village.
  • Rock Wall 24ft. if you dare!
  • Rappahannock Railroaders Train display in Village
  • NEW EVENT: Boat Show by area dealers.
  • Touch Tank for Children!
  • LIVE music to entertain in the VILLAGE while you Eat and Shop – Come out and hear local sensation Tom Euler Band!
  • Lip Sync Contest in the Village



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